Inspection and Testings

Redesign . UX . UI

A cloud-based mobile software platform for configuration management, testing, inspecting, reporting and maintaining track, signal, bridge and communications equipment. It also provides the means to track and manage signal, train crew and dispatcher employee time and availability.

My Role

Sole UX designer in an Agile team comprised of UI Developers, Backend, Scrum master, Product owner, QA Team.

I was responsible for determining the overall design direction of the project,

while collaborating with product owners and customers to understand their

needs and goals. Created illustrations and icons. Also, contributed to the design system involved in GE Transportation.


Redesign. UX

A procurement software company that consisted of 14 nested products. Each of these products are widely used in the procurement cycle. The business goal was to combine all these 14 products into one single product. Hence, became the reason to redesign.

My Role

UX lead for the project. Worked with project managers and interacted directly with users to understand their requirements which included involving them in the feedback loop of the design. I also took initiative where i felt the UI could support the UX better.

ALOPY - Part 1

UX, UI - University Project

 This project was a part of my final year project at my university. Which focuses to explore with photographers the existing experience of analogue photography and its current resurgence in order to identify the key pain points experienced. This is in order to develop an innovative service to enhance this experience. The project was in collaboration with DevLab - a home film developing kit in order to create a solution for mixing of chemicals without harming the user and the surrounding environment and in turn improve the experience of developing film on your own.  

ALOPY - Part 2

The final solution :

ALOPY is a digital service for analogue photographers to develop, print and experiment with new techniques.

Core features

1. Develop Film - learn and master the process of developing film at home and urging them to explore further.

2. Shop - purchase chemicals and analogue equipment based on one’s necessity.

3. Print Gallery - a world gallery to explore different techniques and approaches to printing film.

4. Book space - connect to a darkroom printing facility and socialize with other analogue photographers nearby.

5. Auction & Contribute - showcase and auction one’s work and contribute to a worthy cause



 Fitness is a pass based membership system where one can subscribe to five types passes, each of which offer access to a list of fitness related activities that one can schedule at any preferred gym or fitness centre for a specific duration. 


UX, UI, Ideation and Reconstruction, Redesign, Design Guidance

Storypick is a blogging site that picks online content, re-edits it with a socially responsible standpoint that appeals to the youth. The main reason to re-design their current site was to make it more author-centric rather than content-driven so as to eventually build a loyal community of readers.


UX, UI, Product and Business Strategy

Voler is a self-driven car rental service with a USP of dropping off the car at one’s preferred location. Their brand motive was also to target the common man with their competitive price range and for this to take shape, booking a car had to be as effortless and natural as possible. Basically, ‘Driving Independence’ within reach for one and all.

Stay eat see

UX/UI, Logo design - Design Consultant

Stayeatsee as the name suggests is a website where one could look for homestay, resorts or hotels(stay) as well as find places around to eat and visit around in the same locality. A platform created for travel bloggers/vloggers.


This also consists of the B2B end which was quite challenging to design. Keeping in mind the users (Admin) who would visit and manage the number bookings, the room allotment and the booking confirmation needed to be designed with simplicity and clarity. 


UX/UI, Logo design - Design Consultant

Chobiwala is a platform where one can buy and sell photos, a platform similar to shutter stock. But this catering the small time photographers/hobbyists.

Food wastage - Part 1

UI/UX Design - University Project

We were given a brief to think about creative ways of solving food wastage for Sainsbury, keeping in mind of the core target users who fall under the Generation X. What I found out through my research is that the core cause of the problem stems from an emotional level that leads to one’s Lifestyle choices. For example, the mood of a person could determine the nature of food consumed. Subsequently, Indian International students experience a major shift in terms of culture, lifestyle and cuisine and the impact of this shift on Food Wastage is even more evident within Generation Edge. This shift usually happens during the experimentation phase of settling in a new place which could last anywhere from a week to a couple of months. This collectively accounts to a lot of food wastage.

This is just the first half of the project which mainly focused on finding out the key insights and the potential opportunities that were arrived at. 

Food wastage - Part 2

UI/UX Design - University Project

Based on the research and identified key insights from which opportunities were generated I designed this solution in order to minimize the food wastage that occurs when one experiments a new cuisine.


Design Solution : Cuisine Switch is a platform that urges people to explore, experiment and experience different tastes and cuisines.

Urban Garden

UI/UX Design - University Project

We were asked to think about real world problems and how to solve them by creating a fine experience. The problem I focused on was to help build creative sustainable indoor and outdoor garden spaces and shift the monotony of urban spaces to an ever changing renewable environment that inspires a ‘Cleaner Living’.

Usability testing

UI/UX Website Redesign - University project

We were asked to re design any website of our choice based on the user experience of the existing service of that product. I choose to re design Loughborough Sport, as a regular user of the website I recognised certain issues with it and conducted usability testing to find out the problems it has.   

F2F Job


F2F is primarily a B2B platform solely pertaining to the textile domain. They offer channels for textile businesses to connect and transact with each other, Market Intelligence that is customized to one’s need, information about trade fairs and textile conferences happening around the globe and the recruitment of textile talent for textile employers. Because they already have a huge clientele who are also in search of appropriate textile talent, releasing an app that is purely focussed on getting as many job seekers as possible on board is the next logical step in establishing a symbiotic environment of textile employers and job seekers. Also because there is no recruitment platform dedicated to the textile domain contrary to the magnitude of the market that is ignored.


UX, UI, Product Stratergy

Bevy is a platform for students, alumni, universities and employers to connect and form a symbiotic environment that contributes to the betterment of  the entire system of recruitment and also add transparency of  value associated with it. This system also aims to build channels within a university and outside of  it, thereby tapping an infinite pool of  knowledge and experience from its alumni and employers.



Vymo is a personalised enterprise assistant that helps you schedule meets, communicate with your clients and peers, and organise and plan your work on the go.


Dashboard Redesign

A dashboard redesign always makes you value the intricacies of design elements against the ease of use and usability testing definitely helps you do that. After a comprehensive round of user testing with around eight users, I managed to figure out the dispensable and the indispensable elements and interactions and that along with ‘White Space’ made the difference in the end! Who knew it could be that simple!



Dreamgains aims to provide stock and commodity market tips and also secured financial solutions. The motive is to help site visitors understand that stock tips are necessary and to drive home the message of “Trade safe” and in turn urge them to be stock-literate with the help of Dreamgains. ‘Driving Independence’ within reach for one and all.


Freelance project - UX, UI, Logo design

 Littlefeet is a Singapore based startup that caters the needs of a new mother or going be a mom.  This was categorised into two phases

1. Booking activity classes for child/children or together.

2. Buying and selling of used goods/items (clothes, cradles, beds etc)


For the initial phase that I designed for it catered the requirements of a mom wanting to attend a class (activities such as singing, dancing, reading, storytelling, playing sports etc) with her child/children. The platform also enables mums to select a type of activity they would like their child to attend by looking at the profile of the teacher/instructor - making sure their child is in safe hands.  

I also happened to design the Logo for this platform.  



Galli hunt is an information services company that saves your time by finding that elusive store from your neighbourhood. Instead of painstakingly being guided to a place of interest, they want you to have a meaningful conversation before you find what you’re looking for. Gallihunt strips down busy streets and shows you all that there is(unclutter the city).

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